Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Lately, I have been so busy working that I feel like I have had no time to do anything else! I am currently working on some new projects that I can't wait to share once they are completed!

My first big project is redoing my bedroom. I call it "Operation No More Blue Walls". When I was about 12, I decided I wanted to paint my walls bright blue, but now that I am older, they are definitely not my style! So, I am completely redecorating! I will be sharing before and after pictures once everything is cleaned and painted!

I have also been working on some smaller projects. I made some new jewelry and will be posting some quick easy tutorials once I have time to sit down and write them! I am also making some decorations to go with my new room so those will also be posted once I have some free time!

Until next time,

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